Wednesday, July 11, 2012

BONUS: Listening Centers in Your Library

I just happened upon a fun and fabulous web site for libraries and librarians called the Centered School Library.  Take a peek at her adorable and helpful library site and the ideas below.  

Listening Centers in your Library

"I've just realized that I haven't put enough information here about listening centers. I use a listening center for a week out of every month, and it is fully occupied every time!
Here are some super ideas I've found on Pinterest for your library listening center."

Erin Eberhart of Eberhart's Explorers uses Garage Band to record narration for the books she wants to use in her listening center.

Mrs. Wills Kindergarten shared this response page as a Google Doc.

I like that she included a place for our younger students to respond with a picture. They can also practice writing some of the words they know.

Melissa at F is for First Grade created another response to the listening center.
You could cut these apart and students could complete just one, giving them a choice. You can see that it requires them to make a text to self connection with the book they heard.

I've also seen a few different ways to organize all of the stuff at your listening center.
At Pattons Patch,  she uses shower caddies to keep a book, headphone, and ipod shuffle together.

In Erica Bohrer's classroom, she uses a large plastic drawer for all of the parts, with the boom box on top, and the headphones on the side.

Now, let's get down to the cuteness that some people create in their listening centers. I think these are so incredibly inviting. What student could resist listening to a book in one of these spots?
In Mrs. Jump's class, they have mini-Adirondack chairs.

On Schoolgirl Style, you can see this listening center with fun animal chairs. They match the camping theme in the classroom.


In First Grade Fresh, she included the wall as part of the listening center.

So, are you inspired yet? Have you set up your listening center?

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