Library Objective:  Students will describe a biography and identify the biography section.

The Story of Ruby Bridges

Lesson 1: Real People 

Learning Goal
Explain that biographies are stories that give information about real people.
Identify information about real people in a biography.
Approximately 50 minutes
Necessary Materials
Provided: Example Chart, Independent Practice Worksheet
Not ProvidedThe Story of Ruby Bridges by Robert Coles, chart paper, markers
Lesson Plan

    will explain to students that biographies are types of books that tell a story of a real person’s life. Biographies teach the reader information about a real person. I will create a Characteristics of Biographies Chart (example provided) and add the characteristic, “Facts about a Real Person” to the chart. I will model identifying information about a real person in the biography, The Story of Ruby Bridges by Robert Coles. I will identify the name of the real person that the story is about—Ruby Bridges—and then identify factual information from the text as I read the first half of the book. To identify information, I will look for facts, or true details about the main character, Ruby Bridges as I read. For example, one fact that I learned about Ruby Bridges from this biography is that she moved to New Orleans when she was four years old.

    Ask: "How did I identify information about a real person in a biography?" Students should respond that you identified the information by looking at the pictures and by reading the text for facts, or true details, about the real person who the biography is about.

    will finish reading the biography and work together to identify additional facts that we are learning about Ruby’s life. We will reflect that this biography includes many facts about a real person’s life, so we will write the title of the book on our Characteristics of Biographies Chart, and then write one fact that we learned about Ruby in the next column.

    will identify one fact that you learned about Ruby Bridges from the biography. (Independent Practice Worksheet is provided.) You will use your fact to explain how you know this book is a biography.

Week #2:  Author Study: Jan Brett

Read Aloud Book List: read Christmas classics and favorites this month
Christmas Trolls by Jan Brett
The Wild Christmas Reindeer by Jan Brett
Home for Christmas by Jan Brett

Week # 3:  HAPPY HOLIDAYS - read alouds

See this site for a December Calendar and list of books:

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