Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday: "Week at a Glance" Library Lesson

October Week #2: The Parts of a Book

Review the following parts of a book with students:
1.  Covers, front and back - protects the pages of a book
2.  Spine - is the backbone of the book
3.  Title - the name of the book
4.  Title Page - 
5.  Author - the person who writes the book
6.  Illustrator - the person who draws the pictures
7.  Publisher - the company that makes the book
8.  Call Number - where to find the book in the library
See the following PPP for review.

Glossary - mini dictionary
Table of Contents - list of chapters
Copyright date - Date the book was printed
Index - Alphabetical list of chapters.
The following PPP is for older grades and you may find additional options as well here.

This site is one of the best out there for teacher librarians.  It has just about everything you can imagine and then some things you haven't!  Go to his home page as well.

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