Monday, June 18, 2012

Library Lesson on Fiction vs. Non-Fiction

October Week 1:  Fiction vs. Non-Fiction (and a bit about References)

Theme: The Titanic or any other topic of your choice.
Grade:  K-6th grade
Library Objective:  The student will ask pertinent questions based on a nonfiction book.
Title:  KWL with nonfiction books about the Titanic or other topic.
Resources:  Nonfiction books about the Titanic: Nat Geo Kids Titanic, Finding the Titanic, Inside the Titanic, and Explore Titanic.  Fiction books about the Titanic, such as Tonight on the Titanic, a Magic Tree House book or Titanic Cat.
Introduction:  Have the topic "The Titanic" and a KWL chart on the white board (Know/Want to Know/Have Learned).
Vocabulary:  Question words such as who, what, when, where, why.
Activity:  Explain that we will look at a book that will teach us something.  Our job is to learn something new from this book. Tell what the book is about, and ask student to list 3-5 things that they already know about this topic.  List on board unker K - tell students that stands for what we "already know."  Ask students to give you 3-5 questions that they want to know about the topic.  Write those on the chart under W and tell students that stands for "want to know."  Read or share parts of the book, emphasizing that it is a nonfiction book and that nonfiction books are true.  Fiction books however, are stories that are made up by the author.  They didn't really happen.
Ask students to give 3-5 things that they learned.  Write them on the chart under L - tell students that stands for "what we learned."

Go back and look at the W part of the chart.  Did you find the answers to those questions?  Where else could you look to find those answers?

Closure:  Review what was learned about the topic, and what else they might want to learn.

Show them all the books available on the subject in the display and tell them that next week I will allow check-out!

Opt:  Play music from the movie, "The Titanic" quite low in the background as children browse the library.

(Revised from a Hanover County, Virginia, library lesson.)

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