Sunday, June 17, 2012


In Utah, the state bird is the BUMBLE BEE... lol, or maybe it is the symbol of industry and hard work.  Anyway, I have been as busy as one of those bumblebees this week.  Coming home from a vacation, getting a son out the door to a scout camp, and preparing for a large wedding shower.  Most of my posting has been done on the Pages section of my blog.  Today however, I have a great book or two to talk about.  The first one is about growing through challenges and it's called "Ruby Lee the Bumble Bee, A Bee's Bit of Wisdom"  by Dawn Matheson, with illustrations by Pamela Barcita.  (I really love the illustrations!)

Book Description for Ruby Lee the Bumble Bee -

September 15, 2004 4 and upP and up
Winner of 2 Benjamin Franklin Awards, the International Gallery Award and name "Most outstanding Children's book" at the Mom's Choice Awards!Recommended by the Dove Foundation, Children's Book Watch and many other professional reviewers.
Ashley wants to give up in the face of a challenge, but with Ruby Lee's encouragement she learns to face her fears and she grows as a result.
This critially acclaimed, international award winning, best seller encourages children to face life's challenges with courage and faith.

The Very Greedy Bee

Book Description

March 2010 2 and up
MINE! That's what the very greedy bee says to anyone who asks him to share. While all the other bees work hard to clean the hive and make honey, the very greedy bee spends all of his time gobbling pollen and guzzling nectar. One day the very greedy bee finds a meadow full of flowers and decides not to tell anyone. He spends the entire day buzzing from flower to flower until...THUMP. The very greedy bee is so full that he cannot fly! It's getting dark and he doesn't know how to get home unless he flies. With the help of some new found friends the very greedy bee is able to return to his hive and has learned that it's best to work with others and share what you have.

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