Sunday, June 24, 2012


Nothing makes reading more fun than to find different places to read... so lets start here:
1.  Read in a blanket fort you make, but then clean it up.
2.  Read in a tree house.
3.  Read under the covers with a flashlight.
4.  Read in the bathtubs with lots of pillows, (and don't let the water on).
5.  Read in a closet under the stairs with a head lamp on.
6.  Read in your favorite spot in the mountains.
7.  Find a "Winnie-the-Pooh" thinking spot, all your own, and read there.
8.  Read at the swimming pool, beach, lake or on a boat.
9.  Read at the library.
10. Read near a group of "talking" adults and pretend you aren't listening. ;)

Next, read with different people you enjoy.
11.  Start a reading club and read the same book for a week or a month with others kids you like and then talk about it with your friends.  (Just maybe include your moms. They could bring the refreshments.)
12.  Read with or to a grandparent or older person.
13.  Read with or to a little sibling who can't read as well as you.
14.  Read with a parent, maybe a book that is above your reading level.
15.  Have someone read a complete book to you and your siblings, aloud, that is much to difficult for you to read and even understand without some help.

Read and celebrate!  Read a few picture books or a chapter book about Mexico or another Hispanic culture and then: 
16.  Take a siesta... a nap.  (LOL)
17.  Have a fiesta, with chips, salsa, quesadillas, or some other simple Mexican food.
18.  Make a pinata by blowing up a balloon, adding paper mache to the outside of the balloon... here's the link:
19.  Learn the Mexican hat dance.
20.  Learn to make tortillas, guacamole or some other typical Mexican dish!!!

Other things to do with books:
21.  Have a read-a-thon with tons of blankets, food and books!

22.  Put on a play for neighbor friends or family about a book or story you have read.
23.  Make up a song to go with a book you have read.
24.  Write a poem about a book you have read and how the book made you feel.
25.  Write to the author of your favorite book and tell them what you think about their book.

26.  Go to the library weekly.
27.  Go to second hand stores and buy used books.  It's amazing what you can find for way cheap.
28.  Go to garage sales on Fridays and Saturdays.  You can often find great books to buy.
29.  Read a book and then see the movie!  (ex:  The Lorax)
30.  Have a book swap in your neighborhood.

31.  Try reading a book someone else really likes.
32.  Read a series.  (You'll get caught up in it and be reading for days or weeks.)
33.  Try a new genre:  If you are used to only reading fantasy only, try reading a biography, maybe of someone you admire or have heard something about.  You might really like it.
34.  Read a joke book or a graphic novel.
35.  Have a race with a friend to see who can finish a certain book first.
36.  Read your mom or dad's favorite book as a kid.
37.  Read a classic.  (Many are abridge, see the "Classic Starts" books.)
38.  Read a book on an i-pad....   
39.  ...a Kindle
40. i-touch or i-pod or other device.  
41.  Listen to a book on tape, Harry Potter books are read by a man who uses           over 26 different voices when he reads.  HE IS INCREDIBLE!!!!  Try it!
42.  Download books from your public library using "overdrive", to an i-pod.  It's free.
43.  Read as many of the Caldecott winner books as you can! (Winners are for best illustrations in a picture book and they are awesome.)
44.  Read as many of the Newberry winner books as you can! (Winners are for best story and plot.)
45. Read as many of the Bela Pure Award Winning books as you can! (Books written to highlight the authentic Hispanic culture.)  Learn some Spanish words as you read.

Read a book and do a fun craft or art project such as:
46. Make puppets to depict the characters in the story and do a puppet show.
(This site has many puppet templates.)

47.  Make stick puppets and do the same.
48.  Read a book that has a particular food in it and then eat or create that food, such as "The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear" by Don and Audrey Wood.  Then go pick or buy strawberries and make strawberry freezer jam or strawberry shortcake....
49.  Listen to a story and paint the story you are hearing, without seeing any of the pictures.  Use beautiful tempera paints.
50.  Go to this wonderful blog and check out all the fun craft ideas to go with picture book:

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