Thursday, April 10, 2014

Altered Books - READ

Last year our local "Used" book store, called The Book Garden,, had an altered book contest in the month of April. I decided to participate just for fun, because I am NOT an artist. I had fun cutting out pictures from an old falling apart version of the book "Animalia" by Eric Carle.  I cut out the letters R, E, A, D to spell read and glued them to big block letters, then added some flowers from other pages.  Here is what I got:

It was fun to do and I did it with my daughter who was 17.  Now I'm trying to decide what to do next, if I have time to do anything at all or if I should just bag the whole idea.  Hmmmmmm..... 
I'll let you know what I've decided in a few days.  I should have taken some pics of the other altered books because there were some amazing ones.  I didn't win of course, because the talent was unbelievable.  Some real artist got into the project and "went to town".  Maybe I can find some pictures of what they did.  It was truly remarkable.

This is similar to some of the stuff that they had there!!! And this:

Kind of "out does" mine.  Hee Hee!!!!

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