Friday, March 14, 2014

Library Sparks - the Best "darn" Library Magazine in the West


No, I'm not one of the "reps" for Library Sparks magazine.  I just love their magazine for teachers and librarians.  I used to think that this was really a magazine for librarians only, but "ah contraire".   It is chucked full of information for the month, author spotlights and interviews, tips from and for teachers, Common Core helps, Curriculum Connections, Discovering the Natural Sciences with book resources, Character Ed. pieces, Library Lessons, an activity calendar, Story time stories, Reader's Theater, Technology snippets, Fiction and Non-fiction books to investigate.  It even has Freebies, Doodads, and Helpful Hints for teachers.  It's a must for librarians, especially elementary school librarians.

Did you know that April is Math Awareness Month?  I didn't and here are some great ideas to keep your kids on their toes:

*Have an estimation jar or jars on your desk for students to practice their estimation skills (candy or trinkets in a jar, etc.)
*Have other daily or weekly math contests
*Post math riddles, puzzles and jokes.
*Highlight math books in your collection.
*Display picture books with math concepts (numbers, estimation, fractions, predictions, etc.)
*Hold story times with math themes.

April is also Poetry month! 

Go to to get a subscription.  It's a worth every penny.

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