Saturday, February 22, 2014

"Gathering Blue" - I just finished reading this remarkable novel by Lois Lowry to my 14 year old son.  We both loved it.  He read some of the time and I read some of the time, since his reading skills are a bit behind.  I won't give an account or summary of the story, just to say that it isn't a sequel to The Giver, but a companion book, a similar story of a dystopian society of poverty on the outside of the capital and excess on the inside.  This book is perfect for children aged 10 and older.  A must read for both boys and girls.  This is also a great discussion book for English and Literature Art classes about so many subjects such as disabilities, loneliness, hope, strength, talents, kindness, poverty and so much more.

This web site has thought provoking discussion questions for each chapter, further reading and research options and more.

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