Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bullies and Buddies

Buddies and Bullies - Neither buddies or bullies come with instruction manuals  (Library Sparks Vol. 11, No. 2  )

Buddies and Bullies Resources

1. And to Think that We thought that We'd never be Friends, My Mary Hoberman.  Dragonfly, 2003 K-3. From a sibling battle to a worldwide parade, this riotous rhyming picture book show sharing and inclusiveness can overcome obstacles and make friends of strangers.
2.  Billy Bully: A School-yard Counting Tale, by Alvaro and Ana Galan.  Cartwheel Books, 2009 PK-2  Count along as a schoolyard bully loses friends through bullying behavior, then regains them as he realizes his errors and mend his ways.
3.  Blue Cheese Breath and Stinky Feet:  How to Deal with Bullies, by Catherine DePino.  Magination Press, 2004.  3-6  In this transitional chapter book, Steve is targeted by a school bully.  With his parents, Steve develops strategies that neutralize the bully and build his confidence. A good too for empowering kids to stand up to bullies around them.

Read-aloud Stories... Enjoy these titles aloud:
The Recess Queen; Katie Woo; No More Teasing, and to think that we Thought That We'd never Be Friends; and Mr. Lincoln's Way

Hot Topic Questions:
What Are Words For?  Read Words Are Not for Hurting with young students and explore the power of works to hurt and heal:

*  What kinds of words can hurt?  (name calling, gossip, betrayed confidences, put-downs.  "The silent treatment" can also wound.)
*  What kinds of words can heal?  (Praise, reassurance, truth telling, keeping confidences, apologies, invitations.)
*  How can nicknames hurt?  How can they heal?
*  What goals can we set to use words in a healing way?

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