Monday, August 26, 2013

Library Bulletin Board Themes

A number of months ago I was sitting and waiting for one of my kids and I decided to create a list of themes for my bulletin board.  Today I found the list hidden away in an unused notebook.  Oh well!  Here are some themes to run with.  Use book jackets if needed to show what books are available in your library.

1.  Mystery (Clue)
2. Fairy Tales and Fables
3. Get Caught Reading
4.  "Fall into Reading" with Book Jackets under a tree/leaves
5.  Favorite Author BB, such as Shel Silverstein, Jan Brett, Eric Carle, Patricia Pollacco, Kevin Henkes, Mem Fox (celebrate their birthdays)
6.  The Titanic (101 years on April 12th)
7.  The Big 6 (Research)
8.  Poetry Month
9.  Sept. 11th ("American Heroes")
10.  "Whoooo is Reading What?" with the name of books in owls' tummies.
11.  Biographies/Autobiographies - "Who's Who?"
12.  Ocean Life "Dive into Reading"
13.  Dia de los Ninos/Dia de los Libros - celebrated in April
14.  Pirates - "What Arg You Reading"?
15.  El 5 de Mayo - Hispanic Heritage Month
16.  Dr. Suess Week
17.  Holidays
18.  Children's Book Week (in May now)
19.  Read Across America with a map of the USA
20.  Genres - what are they?
21.  "Owl Be Reading"... this month
22.  Plant Life/Animal Life (use magazine pics)
23.  The Elections
24.  Map of the Library - "Let's Learn the Library"
25.  Book Care with Book Hospital paraphernalia attached (3D)

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