Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Doing What I Love...

I love children and I love reading.  I love reading to children.  With my job that I had as a librarian, I had the opportunity to read to students every day and make books come alive and this was such a source of joy for me.  I felt successful there. 
Well.... I gave up my wonderful librarian job for a more important job - that of making sure that all my bases are covered on the home front.  You see, I have a BIG life.  I have a wonderful husband and a large home.  I have 7 children, three are married and two more are grown and gone.  My three married daughters are all expecting babies, (boys) in the next few months.  That means I'll have eight grandkids.  (Yay!)  That leaves my two older children at home.  They are both in high school, but I want to make sure that these two have all the benefits that my other five had.  I want to be available and energetic when they get home from school.  I want to have the patience to help with homework.  I want to be focused on helping my younger son get through high school, since it's tough for him.  I want to be here.

When I work, I get obsessed with what I am doing at school and tend to lose sight of the bigger picture.  So I quit my job.  I am going to miss doing library displays and bulletin boards and  reading to these kids.  I am NOT going to miss cataloging books though, so that's a plus.  I'm going to miss teaching lessons and "book talking" and buying new books and discussing poetry, autobiographies, mysteries, Caldecotts...and listening to kids gush about what they are reading.  I'm going to miss the reason I started this blog - to create a place to store and discuss all kinds of "library ideas". 

I am going to work with the children at my Preschool, Ready-Set-Grow and start a reading program for them.  I like to be connected in some way with teaching.  (I don't run the Preschool /Child Care center we own, we have a director and numerous teachers.)

I will be adding tidbits now and then to this site and maybe it will morph into a whole new blog..., but for now I am a bit perplexed about what to do with it, other than leave it up for others and for my own future reference.  So for now, enjoy the collection of sites, posts, and pictures and if I have added something and not referenced it back to it's owner, let me know.  I apologize.  I've done the best I could.

Ciao for now.


Bear of Very Little Brain said...

Love this post Laura. You're indispensable everywhere just about because you're so talented. And you love kids. You have great ones of your own that I'm excited about seeing have the very best of you. It's like this for all mothers, so you're average, but then again, you're not. You're awesome! Love you, sis. :)

Shayla Smoot said...

I hope you know that you are the most amazing, dedicated, passionate and loving Mother in the whole entire world. And I wouldn't trade you or anything about you, for the world.


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