Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer Picture Books

Summer Picture Books

Here is a great list of summer books from Pam at PBS.  Click on the link above.

I have been "doing librarian" at a charter school in North Salt Lake all year, but for the summer will switch gears a bit.  Since my husband and I own a child care center, Ready-Set-Grow, I will spend a few hours each week working with the kindergarteners on different themes, mostly having fun.  I needed a great list of summer books to fill in the gaps.  My all time favorite summer book is "The Relatives Came".  It perfectly describes what it feels like as a child to be on a long road trip, leaving early in the morning, car packed to the brim and driving for hours, or days to finally arrive at the relatives.  When you get there, all kinds of festivities happen and there is plenty of love and hugs to go around for everyone.  It is a MUST OWN book!
The author and illustrator are a perfect match!

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