Friday, May 24, 2013

Kids' Excuses for NOT Turning in Their Library Books (at the End of the Year)

So here are the top 10 excuses I've heard from students about why they haven't returned their book(s) yet or what  happened to their books.  The # one reason that their book is NOT in their backpack is, "My mother forgot to put it in there."  What???  I always smile and remind them sweetly that this is their job!  OOPS!  They just momentarily forgot it was their job to keep track of their books!
#2: "I forgot it was library day!"  (I have told them over and over, until my head is ready to explode, that they can bring their library books back any day of the week and drop them into the book drop -- anytime, anyday, as long as their teacher says they can come to the library.)
#3:  "It's on my dresser by my bed.  I know where it is."  THEN JUST BRING IT IN!!!
#4:  "It's in a box somewhere, because we moved."  Ugh
#5:  "I turned it into the other library."  OOPS!
#6:  "I loaned it to a friend and she/he promised to turn it in or already turned it in."  NOT!
#7:  "I never checked that book out.  I never would check that book out."  Okay, now it's your word against the computer's word.  Hmmmmmmmmm
#8:  "I already returned it.  I promise I put it on your desk." 
(It's not on my desk.)
#9.  "I put it on the book cart."  (These are books that have been checked in and are ready to be put away or have been put away.  Grrrrrrr.)
#10.  "I got all ripped up by my baby brother, or I left it outside and it is ruined."  (Okay, but bring it back anyway.)

Ha Ha, it is my sense of humor that gets me through these many varied excuses as I try to collect a few hundred books back the last weeks of school.  Hope they aren't sad when field day comes and they have to miss it, cause their book isn't turned in yet!  We'll just call Mom!!!


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