Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Children's Christmas Book Tradition

As I am getting ready to put away all of my Christmas things I am reminded of a wonderful tradition we had for years in our family.

For years I wrapped 25 Christmas books and let the kids open one each night and I read it to them.  It's a Christmas countdown.  We read "T'was the Night Before Christmas" on the 24th, along with the Christmas story.  We made a big deal out of this, lit candles and took turns unwrapping the books.  (I had 7 children, thus the "take turns" part.)  If it was a bit too long, I might just tell the story or we would read a chapter a night along with an easy book as well, but it was always a fun tradition, sometimes with hot chocolate to drink. 

A bit of insight I had this year - it would be a good idea to wrap the books before putting them away, so that it isn't such a chore during that "oh so" busy time after Thanksgiving.  This could be a good New's Years Day activity for the older kids to help Mom with for next year.  -Just a thought.  My children loved this activity each year.  We have let it go now.  Traditions are like that.  You keep them until you grow out of them, but we still read many of the books together each year.  I have 2 teens at home now.  I read lots of the books to the grandkids if they are here and have given some of them away to my children for their children.  (Giving a Christmas book to each family or older child for their children is another great tradition.)  I try to remember that traditions come and go and that books can be a great part of many traditions for the holidays.

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Bear of Very Little Brain said...

Love this part you've written about "traditions come and go." How cool to be practiced in LETTING GO, as much as in taking on and taking on and taking on. It sure keeps things balanced and a little less stressed. Love your book-giving and story-reading ways! I love you. :)


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