Friday, November 9, 2012


Sam and I just finished reading "The Thief Lord", by Cornelia Funke.  I read most of it, but he read as well.  It held his interest almost 100% of the time, unless he was too sleepy and was a great read for a 13 year old boy who "hates to read".  I kept it light, on the "you have to take a turn reading", side and he relaxed and often begged me to read to him.  This is my goal with him.  I want him to want to hear reading and read himself. 

The plot is enticing, moves along quickly and the characters, mostly children, are full of personality.  It takes place in Venice and so we first looked at a "coffee table" book with lots of pictures of Italy and Venice, so he could imagine the city.  It includes some magic, thrown in toward the end, which really puts an unexpected twist on the plot. 

I recommend this book to any preteen or teen boy, or girl for that matter.  It has a happy ending as well.

Here's a well stated review from a reader on Amazon by "Mpxwa":

"I completely recommend this book. I absolutely enjoyed the adventure. Without giving away the story, and where I'm a new "review writer", just trust me when I say, READ THIS BOOK!!!! I like that I was always kept in suspense as to what was coming next. I enjoy books where I cannot guess what the ending might be, and this one did the job. There was humor, suspense, struggle between adversary and hero, a change in heroes, mystery... An absolutely fascinating book! Buy it. "

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