Tuesday, October 2, 2012

TUESDAY'S TEACH THE BOOK "Stellaluna" with Lesson Plans

STELLALUNA by Janell Cannon
As many of you already know, Stellaluna is a remarkable story that teaches us sameness can be good, but being who we really are, authentically, is always best.  Stellaluna learns this lesson when she realizes that she is a bat, not a bird and that all of her urges and impulses to do things different were really part of her authentic self, a bat.  The groups of children that I have read this book to have always loved it.  They are happy that she finds her mother again, that she finds her true identify again and that she remains good friends with the birds, even though they are different than her in so many ways.  Stellaluna tries hard to "fit in" by being the same, but feels bad when she can't do everything the way the baby birds do them.  When she can fly like them, she is so happy to feel "the same", but when she lands differently, clumsily, she is ashamed of herself one more time.  I love this book because it allows for our differences while celebrating our samenes!
Stelluna Fun Activities and Ideas for Projects
Stellaluna First Draft Creative Writing Worksheet For Project
....add a middle and an end.

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