Sunday, September 2, 2012

My All Time Favorite Artist/Illustrator - Irisz Agócs

I encountered, by way of my sweet sister, an amazing children't book illustrator.  She watercolors and does mostly sketches and paintings of children and animals.  Her work is so adorable, it just sucks me in and makes me want to be a child again or a mother, I can't tell which.  I don't know if her books are in English yet, because she is from Hungary, but she illustrates and has a few books available for purchase.  Her art work is available on "Etsy's website" to purchase here.  This is just a tiny sample of some of her work:

                                                               © Agócs Írisz

                                                                       © Agócs Írisz

It is so simple, yet so cute.  Go to her website to see all of her art and to read her blog.  Much of it is not in English, but some is.

Enjoy and here's hoping you love her work as much as I do.  Go buy something that inspires you at Etsy. NO, I am not getting paid to promote her, but I would if I could.  I just can't say enough good about how her work makes me feel.  I can't even think of a work to describe how it makes me feel.  (like I want to be a kid again?, inspired?, motherly?, compassionate?, tender, maybe.... hmmmmm.....?)

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