Saturday, September 15, 2012

Farmington, Utah is Getting a NEW Library!

Headquarters (Farmington)
38 S 100 E
Farmington, UT 84025

 (801) 451-2322 (TDD Available)

For a map, click here.
Collection: 77,000 items (as of December 2011)
The Headquarters Branch of the Davis County Library was opened in 1964. Prior to the opening of the Headquarters Library, the administration of the Davis County Library was housed in Davis High School. The Headquarters Branch includes approximately 9,000 square feet, 6,000 square feet of which is dedicated to public service--book collections, circulation desk, and public seating.
The Davis County Library system's administration and technical services department, which receives and processes books, are centered in the Headquarters Library. Headquarters Library houses approximately 74,000 items. These include books held in the "Locked Case" collection, which includes titles of Davis County and Utah interest.

On Saturday, October 13, Farmington will open up it's new Headquarters Branch Library at 10 am.  It is just southwest of the current library, which will be torn down and used for parking.  I have been hoping this would happen for years, as the Farmington Library is older than dirt.  lol  It's just needed an upgrade for about 20 years now.  The entrance is on Main Street, just behind and a bit south of the current library there.


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