Saturday, September 15, 2012

30 Ways to Share a Book Using the Story

Using the Story:
1.  Organize a panel to debate it.
2.  Dramatize an incident from it.
3.  Tell about it over the school PA system.
4.  Condense it to 15, 50, or 100 words.
5.  Write about it to a friend.
6.  Make a map of where it takes place.
7.  Make a story map of its main events.
8.  Create a crossword puzzle, using its setting and plot.
9.  Create a scroll or hand rolled movie to illustrate it.
10.  Tell why it would or wouldn't make a great movie.
11.  Tell its funniest incident.
12.  Make a poster about it.
13.  Pick 5 -10 adjectives that describe it.
Tell why you chose them.
14.  Describe an incident from it as though you were an on
the screen TV reporter.
15.  Make a model of something in it;  a house, a log cabin, a rocket.
16.  Draw objects from it and make them into a mobile.
17.  Draw a significant scene on construction paper to cut to the
size of a coat hanger; attach it to the hanger; then suspend from the
hanger a report about the scene.
18.  Choose an idea or scene from it as the subject of a collage.
Use old magazine pictures.
19.  Make up a limerick or haiku about it.
20.  Put an important item from it into a shoe box.
Give clues so your class can guess
what the item is.
21.  Illustrate it with objects found at home or handmade, or with
photographs you've taken of people, places and events.
22.  Draw a picture depicting the main idea.
23.  Create a mural about it.
24.  Make a time-line of it's events.
25.  Create a new ending for it.
26.  Compare it to the TV or movie version.
27.  Make up a lost or found ad for something in it.
28.  Make a peep-box (diorama) of an important scene or event.
29.  Rewrite one of its incidents for a younger reader.
30.  Use sketches or photographs to recreate on of its action sequences.

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