Tuesday, May 1, 2012

TUESDAY'S Teaching the Book: "Book Fiesta" by Pat Mora and other Latino Children's Books

Ideas for Teaching the Book:  Book Fiesta!

This activity is designed to help students experience what life would be like if they couldn't read and to help students reflect on the importance of reading in their daily lives
Book Fiesta! by Pat Mora – this bilingual book celebrates books and reading.  It encourages everyone to read and have fun in whatever language or locale they can.
Time: 30 minutes
Put the chairs in a circle or have the children sit on the floor in a circle
Age level: grades K, 1 and 2nd
1. Read Pat Mora’s Book Fiesta!
2. Then ask some of the following questions

1. Where are some of your favorite places to read?
2. Where is the silliest place you have ever read a book?
3. What is your favorite book?
4. When do your parents read to you?
5. Who else reads to you?
6. Can you read? What kinds of books do you like to read?
7. What would it be like if you didn't have any books in your house?
8. What would it be like if your parents couldn't read?
9.Talk about places in the world where children cannot read and don't have any books in their houses.
10.  Talk about how lucky we are to have soooo many books to read and share about!

1.  Distribute some books or an article in other languages unfamiliar to your students.
2.  Tell the students to read their book or article. (Tell them that they will be tested on the information after 5 minutes.)
3.  Give them a test on what they read.
4.  Ask them how they felt when they were asked to read this and then tested on it?
5.  What do you think everyday life is like for people who can’t read–think about school;
driving; running errands; going to the grocery store; watching TV; watching a movie; playing
a video game, texting, Facebook?

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