Sunday, May 6, 2012

SUNDAY'S SCRIPTS: "Grandad's Prayers of the Earth" by Douglas Wood Ill. by PJ Lynch

Today I learned about an amazing author and even more amazing illustrator.  I was looking through my children's books that teach spirituality, values or character traits and I came across this beautiful book.  I may have received it from my parents, but then again, I buy a lot of books from thrift stores, so who knows?  I had a treasure under my nose and today I discovered it!!!

"Grandad and I liked to go for 
walks in the woods together. 
We didn't walk very far. 
 Or very fast.  
Or very straight.  
While we walked, I would 
ask him questions about
 things I wasn't sure of.  
One day I asked my Grandad about prayers. 

"Did you know, boy," 
Grandad whispered, 
"that trees pray?"
I listened closely,
 but I couldn't hear them.

"See how they reach
for the sky," he said.
"They reach and reach-
for clouds and sun
and moon and stars.
And what else is
 reaching for heaven
but a prayer?" 

The tall grass prays as
it waves its arms beneath
the sky, and flowers pray 
as they breathe their
sweetness into the air.

The wind prays as it 
whispers and moans and sighs. 
It is saying a prayer 
and singing a hymn at the same time.

"Are our prayers answered Grandad?"
And one day, after his Grandad is gone, 

after many, many prayers, 
after the boy is grown, 
he finds the answer to his own question.

Together, Douglas Wood and P.J. Lynch have created a picture book that, like a prayer, may change you forever.  

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