Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Crayon Box That Talks - inspired by Shane DeRolf

The Crayon Box that Talks
       by Natalie Holbrook

I find my box of Crayons
Where last I put it by,
And breathe what lovely colors!
And this is the reply:

I don’t like Red, says Scarlet.
No Color ever has!
And certainly not Orange,
Says blushing Razzmatazz.

And Fern is green with envy
While Shocking Pink just squawks
That Granny Smith and Orchid
Should not be in the Box!

Now Navy Blue salutes me
And says, the thing is, Ma’am,
We’re all in this together - but
The handsomest, I am!

We are a Box of Colors
That do not get along,
Sighs Purple Heart so sadly.
I wonder what is wrong.

I close my box of Crayons
And take it up with me
And lay out all the Colors
Where every one can see.

They watch me as I color
With Red and Blue and Green...
And Black and White (and Orange)
And Colors in between.

They watch Brick Red make houses
And Cornflower be the sky;
Unmellow Yellow for the sun,
With White clouds lazing by.

They watch the Colors merging,
Becoming all brand new.
I pick and choose my Colors –
They watch ‘til I am through.

And is my picture perfect?
I add a bit more Brown,
Then breathe what lovely colors!
And lay my Crayons down.

And now that I am finished
I put them all away;
And as I turn, the Crayon Box
Has something more to say…

I do like Red, says Scarlet!
And Fern says, Orchid, stay!
And Navy Blue takes off his cap
And bows to stately Gray.

And Purple Heart tries proudly
To hold back with a blink
Large tears, while (loudly) Granny Smith
Embraces Shocking Pink.

Says Razzmatazz to Orange,
Who turns the other cheek –
You’re simply gorgeous, darling;
So mod! So urban-chic!

Si élégant mon ami…
So lovely, so distinct -
And Orange kept her ears peeled,
While Purple Heart just blinked.

I’ve learned a lot from Colors –
Some sharp, some blunt – all good
Who’ve stood together in their Box
Since my childhood.

The thing that makes us happy,
That keeps me quite amused,
Is that they’re picture-perfect
When they all get used!

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