Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Children's Libraries are Alive and Well

So..... (I love to start sentences with the word "so")... I have been gone for over a week to Coronado Island in California, right by San Diego.  Let me just say or ask rather... "Why in all of tar nation do I reside in Utah when 6-9 months it is either to cold or too hot to enjoy being outside?"  Coronado is the next best thing to Kauai, where my baby sis lives.  I went with 3 girlfriends and we had a blast!


Besides doing all of the amazing things you do when you are on a quaint island with 3 girlfriends and a week to kill, I headed over to the library.  May I just say, here and now, that this children's library is ALIVE AND WELL.  The community has poured thousands and thousands of dollars into their library and most of it is in the children's part and it is straight amazing.  Here are some pics from the Coronado Public Library in California!!!

It's even open on Sunday!  WOW!

Gorgeous Storybook Stained Glass Entrance... 

Two or three trains run around above bookshelves!!!

Look at this cool book "holder" and display.  
Notice that the books face out and 
the kids can go in and sit down to read!

 Huge animal displays on top of shelves!

OK, I want this NOW!!!  There is a boy to match! 

An entire room just for listening to books and
music and there are over 10 computers.
 Look  at the great "labels and signs"! 

Storybook character displays!!!  Paddington Bear 

Child-sized bright and colorful furniture and
an alphabet quilt in the back! 

Storybook dolls!

In a couple of weeks I'll be in Newport Beach and I hear that the library is awesome there!  I can't wait!!!
I'm collecting visits to libraries. (Odd, I know, but not for a librarian.) I have now been to libraries in (my birthplace) McAllen, Texas; Santiago, Chile; Mexico City, Provo, Utah; and Brigham Young University. I have been to the libraries in the county I live: Bountiful, Centerville, Kaysville, Layton and Farmington, Utah.  I have also visited the libraries in St. George and Park City and in Salt Lake City and now Coronado, California.  Sol... just so everyone knows, the children's library system is still alive and well in many, many places. 

A great idea for earning money for your city's public library is this idea.  (Connected to the library in Coronado is a great used book store.  They ask for donations of gently used books and then sell them.  I had to ship 25 lbs. of used books home, because I got such great deals on some amazing children's books, some brand new and hard back for $3.00.  I spent about $80 which would have only bought about 6 books at most book stores.  I got 4 big bags full of books, like I said, 25 lbs. It's going to be Christmas when they get here.

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