Saturday, April 14, 2012

Great School Library Displays

Here are a few tips and tricks for your library displays.

1.  Keep your theme as broad as possible or combine ideas so that you have plenty of books for the library display.  For example, "Remembering Pearl Harbor" is more limiting than "Times of War" for a Veteran's Day Theme.
2.  Be flexible and willing to "throw up" a display based on the current issues of the day, such as the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic or highlighting the passing of a famous author.
3.  Consider asking your Principal or Director to select some books and entitle the display, "Mr./Mrs. _____________ Picks",  highlight a grade and display a sign that reads "5th Grade Favorites" or do "Great Books You May Have Missed".
4.  Use all kinds of media, not just books, such as DVD's, audiobooks, or CD's.
5.  Your displays should reflect the interests of your target audience!  Remember that the goal is to get these books on display, Checked-Out!
6.  Choose books that are attention grabbers, with bright vibrant colors and in good condition.
7.  Use signage that is eye catching, but that is also simple enough not to detract from the books themselves.
8.  Use visual logos, icons or symbols that are associated with the theme of the books on display.  An author's picture or a simple symbol may be all the display needs!
9.  Don't overdo it on the props.  A simple pumpkin with a sign that says "BOO"! or a bat and ball to go with a Sports Books display may be plenty.  Choose one 3D item over lots of posters, glitter or "fan fare".
10.  Make sure the students know that these books can be checked out by putting a sign up that says so!  Don't put any books behind glass cases where kids can't get to them easily.  Use the glass cases for props or collections that add interest, but keep the books accessible.

Here are some great ideas, not mine, just found them online at Pinterest.  I'll be posting my own come Fall!!!



Jacob said...

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Baden said...

Hey Mom-

You'll never guess what author Eliza and I met last night! We went downtown to an event and got to see Lois Lowry! She read part of the fourth book of the Giver series that is coming out in the Fall, and then we saw a one person production of the Giver, and then she signed a copy of Gathering Blue for Eliza. It was so awesome! Eliza told her that she wanted to be a book illustrator when she grows up. The person in front of her asked her who her favorite author was, and she said it was Eoin Colfer- he is the author of the Artemis Fowl books. It was neat neat neat, you would have loved it!

Laura said...

I am soooooo excited for you two. What a remarkable experience for Eliza, especially. I so wish I could have been there with you both!!!! Even Skylar is jealous!


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