Monday, April 16, 2012

I really dislike doing housework! I think I dislike it so much because it's soooooo boring! I either have to listen to the radio or the TV and that's often boring as well! Soooo, since my house is in dire need of a good cleaning, I purchased a monthly subscription to Now I can "read" while I clean and that makes me very happy! It's also incredible to listen to the author's voice when he/she narrates it! Either way, killing two birds with one stone is a sweet treat. (Another added benefit is that it gets me up and moving and that is good for my heart and my calorie burn for the day!) Just saying....! :) May be a good deal? I don't know! There are cheaper ways, for sure. The good old fashioned library is the best, but it may not have what I'm looking for! ITunes has some options as well!

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