Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Poem About Alhzeimers

Since this month is poetry month, I'll include a poem that I wrote recently about my mom.  She is in the later stages of Alzheimer's Illness and it is a cruel punishment for someone who has lived such a beautiful life.  I love her with all my heart, but to be honest, it's very hard to go and visit the shell of a woman who used to be my mom.  She no longer remembers me or knows my name, but it's okay, because I know she loves me when I sit and hold her hand there is a connection of love still there. 

Alzheimer’s  arrived, unexpectedly and snatched my mother away from me.
He stole sweet memories of yesterday. “You aren’t wanted.  You cannot stay?” 
“She’s my mother!  Please leave us Sir!” (You're not the future I envisioned for her.)
 Sweet mother of mine, my dearest friend.  This is not how I wanted it to end.

The mother I knew saw me walk and run, in Texas fields of blazing sun.
 You were close by with a listening ear, wiping away my anxious fears.

We played together on Padre's sand.  Searching for sand dollars hand in hand.
You showed me how to face each day with courage, hope and Godly faith.

You left your family, your home, your all, following the prophet's call.
Now you're home after 30 years and gratitude's replaced by tears. 

 “You must release her,” I plead to God.  “from this awful, painful road.”
“My plan is easier.  Please, let her go!”  But lovingly, he answers, “NO”.

“Take this away,” I inwardly yearn. God reminds me, “There’s much to learn.”
Patience, service, pure GodlinessI weep,. . . . . then turn my will to His.

“Make her whole.”, I whisper still. But with His help, I'll do His will.
"Alright", I say. “Thy will be done”, looking to God, the comforting one.

With courage like her's, I push ahead, hoping to finish my work, instead.
Alzheimer’s took Mom’s “yesterdays”, leaving a few along the way.

He's taken so much, a measurable part, yet graciously, he left her heart.
 -Laura Smoot
revised April 3, 2014

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Bear of Very Little Brain said...

As before in February of 2013 when you first wrote this, I'm touched. With more than another whole year with mom suffering, I'm moved to tears. I love your feelings for her, sis. I love your talent for expressing it. I updated the poem on my blog here and think it's wonderful! Glad to see it here today. I love you! :)


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