Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Fiction: "Maniac Magee" Lesson Plans

Sam and I are reading Maniac Magee together.  Wow, what a great story this one is!  Just saying, if you haven't read it, it's a winner, not only is it a Newbery Winner, but a winner on Sam's list and that's really "saying something."

Maniac Magee Lesson Plans

Find teacher approved Maniac Magee lesson plan ideas and activities

"Knot" the Whole Truth: Writing a Modern-Day Story with a Tall Tale's Voice
Beyond Paul Bunyan and his blue ox, tall tales can be a great way to teach young writers about word choice and voice in their writing. Using Jerry Spinelli's Maniac Magee and the Six-Trait Writing Process, they begin to write their own modern-day tall tales placing emphasis on exaggeration, metaphors, and similes. The lesson plan includes all necessary worksheets and resource links.

6th - 8th
3.0/5 Stars
Rest in Peace, Maniac Magee
Scholars read Maniac Magee and create epitaphs for each of the major characters using precise words reflecting the individual characters personality and nature. They will learn what an epitaph is and practice writing their own. They can work in groups or independently.

Literature Response Journal:  Maniac Magee chapters 14-21
Young scholars examine chapters 14-21 of the novel Maniac Magee in groups. In this literature response journal instructional activity, students are given prompts to respond to regarding the reading.

4.0/5 Stars
Identifying Plot Conflicts
Students determine plot conflicts. In this plot conflicts lesson students read Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli. Students search for 'Character vs. Character' and 'Character vs. Self' conflicts within the story.

Lesson 5: Character and Relationship Changes
In this reading comprehension lesson, students, after reading the novel, Maniac Magee, by Jerry Spinelli analyze characters and their roles in other peoples lives. Students interact with plot conflicts and character relationships. Students fill out 2 specific charts as directed. Students relate how people change over time in the novel and then relate similiar changes in their own lives with an array of pictures that they are asked to bring to class.

3rd - 5th
4.0/5 Stars
Guided Reading Lesson Plan: Maniac MaGee
Students start a week-long novel unit by activating their prior knowledge. In this reading comprehension lesson, students read, Maniac MaGee a few chapters at a time, and discuss what they read as they go along.

5th - 6th
4.5/5 Stars
Theme Matters
This useful approach to determining themes based on specific details from a book is aimed at readers of Jerry Spinelli's Maniac Magee. It could also easily be adapted for use with other books or readings. The class identifies recurring events and topics and, with guidance, develops theme statements and discusses author's message. Some materials are accessible only if you sign up for a free account with Well worth it.

3rd - 6th
3.0/5 Stars
Maniac Magee: Life Without Problems
Young readers discuss how they would deal with problems faced by the main character in Maniac Magee. They write down their own problems and exchange them with others to analyze and provide possible solutions. They establish a "Dear Abby" box where problems can be dropped off for responses. Be sensitive to potential problems.

5.0/5 Stars
Maniac Magee
Students examine the theme of racial prejudice while reading Maniac Magee. They discuss assumptions and their effects. They retell the story through skits or other methods. They stage a talk show and act as characters from the novel.

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