Thursday, September 6, 2012

FRIDAY FICTION: FUN DAY WITH MY MOM AND SIS... and "Little House on the Prairie"

My mother has dementia, Alzheimer Disease and can't do much on her own.  My sweet sister Natalie, brought her to the library where I work so that she could see what I do.  She smiled alot, did her best to explain her feelings and thoughts, and looked at some of the books.  It was a gift to me, from a sister I deeply love and admire.  Thanks Natalie and Mom for coming:

I am thankful tonight for a mother with the insight to read to us, to have books all over the house, and to read herself as an example.  She can't read well anymore and yet she is happy.  She is like a child and loves child like things, stuffed animals and looking at the river that runs near their home.  She taught me to read so many great books:  The Box Car Children, The Little House on the Prairie Series, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Magic Elizabeth and many more, lot of Suess!  There is no better feeling than to know a mother loves her child enough to sit him/her on her lap and read out loud to them. Thanks Nat for the pic session.  What a treat!

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Bear of Very Little Brain said...

It was so fun to be with you yesterday and see the world you've created and teach little children in. Being there with mom was a bonus! Wasn't she happy! I love this post. I treasure our friendship, sweet sister... hugs!


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