Thursday, May 17, 2012

THURSDAY'S Picture Book and Lesson Plan for: "I Miss You Every Day" by Simms Taback

Book Description

September 6, 2007  and up

What do you do when you miss someone every day? If you live in the magical
world of Simms Taback, you wrap yourself in paper, close yourself up in a box
(don't forget the air holes!) and mail yourself to the one you love. From the
creator of the Caldecott Medal-winning Joseph Had a Little Overcoat comes
 this tale about what a little girl will do to reach the person she just can't live without.
Filled with Taback's signature vibrant colors and dynamic characters, with a lyrical
text that's as silly as it is moving, this gesture of love will resonate with anyone who's
ever missed someone.

Lesson Plan:  Have the children write a letter inside a card to someone they
miss, everyday!  Then draw a window frame on the front of the card, similar to the
cover, with a picture of themselves inside.  Give each child a stamp, show them
where it goes and how to put their return address on it.  Have them take it home
to address to the person "They Miss Every Day".

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Kaye said...

This sounds like such a cute book!


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