Monday, May 28, 2012

MONDAY: Meet the Author - Patricia Polacco

Patricia Polacco is an incredible author and illustrator, having authored over 54 books.  Many of her books include personal stories.  My favorite is "Thank You, Mr. Falkner", the personal story of her struggle with dyslexia.  She didn't learn to read until she was 14 years old and finally one of her teachers, Mr. Falkner, got to the bottom of her troubles.  She thought she was dumb and disliked school very much up to that point.  She was teased and ridiculed because of her learning disabilities.  After her diagnoses, things began to turn around for her.  She said that she just had to learn in a different way.  In fact, many people with dyslexia are genius.  She eventually graduated from college in fine arts.

Many of her books talk about her time with her "Babushka" or grandma, many tell about other personal experiences in her life and historical event. All are full of inspiration.  Years after her teacher, Mr. Falkner, helped her to learn to read, he met her again and wondered how she was.  What a surprise it was to find out that she was a very successful writer of children's books.  It certainly serves to bring hope to those who struggle with learning.  See her amazing web site here, to learn much, much more about this brillant author and illustrator, by far one of my top five favorites!!!

Patricia Polacco
Patricia Barber Polacco is the author and illustrator of numerous picture books for children. She struggled in school because she was unable to read until age 14 due to dyslexia; she found relief by expressing herself through art. Wikipedia
BornJuly 11, 1944 (age 67)
AwardsMichigan Author Award
NominationsJane Addams Chldren's Book 

Her newest book is "The Art of Miss Chew".  I still need to buy it and read it!  :)


AllisonK said...

The Keeping quilt is one of my favorites. I will have to look into Thank you Mr. Falker. I have to tell you again how much I enjoy your site. We love books around here!!

Laura Smoot said...

Thanks so much! I adore that one too!!!


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