Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cherished Picture Book of the Week!

I have a few favorite picture books and they are my favorite, I've realized, because they add meaning to my life currently.  My top favorite book is by Mem Fox.  It's called "Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge".  I love this book about a little boy who helps his friend "Miss Nancy" get some of her memories back.  She has lost them.  She lives next door to him in an "old person's home" and Wilfrid makes the patrons there come to life as he describes each one.

My parents recently moved to an assisted living center.  My mother has dimensia and is losing her memory, just like Miss Nancy.   The patrons I see on a regular basis, remind me of some of the characters in this beautifully written and illustrated picture book.  The illustrations are by Julie Vivas.  If you haven't read this, it is a must!  Of all the books Mem Fox has written, this is the favorite among adults in many countries. 

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